Decorating With Glow Sticks

3 DIY Pen Decorating Ideas: how to decorate a pen. DIY Glam Pen Decor. Back to School supplies decor ideas. Tip #1: if you have a hole at the back of the pen you an seal it with glitter glue.

Decorating With Glow Sticks

If you ever wanted to know how to make flower pens, look no farther. I’ll show you how to make this fun craft today! DIY flower pens are easy to make and make fantastic homemade gifts!

It’s so quick and easy to make your own flower pens, you can have a pile in no time. They’re easy enough for kids to help too!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, these DIY flower pens are a perfect gift for Mom or grandma. They’re adorable given with a kitchen notepad for Grandma’s grocery lists too!

The more pens we made the more possibilities we came up with. Grab a ribbon and tie the flower pen to a cute journal for a fun party favor. How about paired with a box of stationary for a tween gift? Put several different colored flower pens in a vase for your teacher. Who wouldn’t want one of these adorable flower pens? I want one for my desk!

I recommend buying a lot of flowers and pens, because I guarantee that you’ll want to make a bunch of these flower pens once you get started!

What You’ll Need for these DIY Flower Pens:

Your ballpoint pen should look like the following photo.

Remove the cap and the plastic cap from both ends of the pen. Save the pen cap, but discard the plastic end piece. Sometimes you can pry the end cap off neatly, but if it is difficult, cut it off with a pair of sharp scissors. Since the floral tape and flower will cover the end, it won’t matter if it cracks or is broken on the end.

Wrap floral tape from the top of the pen all the way down to the writing point of the pen, then replace the pen’s cap.

Your artificial flower should have a stem like the following photo. If your flower has a long stem, cut it to about 1/2 an inch long.

Put a generous drop of glue in the top of the pen, where the plastic end cap used to be. You can use your favorite craft glue, super glue, or a hot glue gun.

Stick the artificial flower stem down into the pen.

There you go. And that’s how to make flower pens!

My daughter and I cannot wait to make more of these pens for gifts! In spite of all our great giveaway plans, we put our flower pens in a vase on the school desk. They really brighten up the space and are so much fun to write with!

PS. These flower pens make fantastic homemade Mother’s Day gifts! (They’re not so complicated that Dad can’t help either!)

Will you keep your homemade flower pens or give them away?